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Welcome to Dan Purple's Frogman Research site! Established 11/9/2020.

This is a site where I plan to research the FROGMAN(and possibly other similar creatures), and share my findings with the World Wide Web.


This site will be updated sporadically as my research continues. Thank you for visiting! Last Updated:9/23/21.

Alleged photograph of the Frogman:

The story of the Frogman:In 1955 a traveling buisnessman in Ohio saw 3 4-feet tall figures on a dark road at night. The figures looked like frogs that were standing up. In 1972 there was another sighting, this time a police officer in Loveland Ohio. Even though I don't live in Ohio,I am confident that I have seen the Frogman.

Here are some more alleged photos and drawings of the Frogman:

Where does the Frogman live?

The Frogman lives in swamps, ponds, marshes, & any place where a frog usually is.

When is the Frogman most active?

Usually on hot summer nights & when it rains or when its mating season.

What does the Frogman eat?

A little frog eats bugs, so a big frog eats small animals and children. He mostly eats chickens, house cats, small to medium sized dogs, and children or short people.

How do I defend myself against the Frogman?

Your best bet is to probably shoot him with a big gun.

(As pictured above).

Are you sure that you saw the Frogman?

Am I sure? Yes, I am 1000000% sure I saw the Frogman, HE IS OUT THERE!

My experience with the Frogman:

It all happened in June of 1999,it was a rainy afternoon and I was driving home from the store. The rain started to pick up and my truck began to lose traction on the road. I started to slide out of control so I slammed the breaks in an attempt to stop, to my releif I managed to stop just short of the guard rail but then I saw it:the Frogman. He was standing in the road like a deer in headlights, he was about 4-5 feet tall and his eyes were illuminated by my headlights. As I stared in awe he let out a deafening "CROAK" and hopped over the guard rail and into the wilderness. Ive never told a soul, for fear that Id be sent to an institution, but I know what I saw, I saw the Frogman! I created this site because I wanted to share my experience without fear of ridicule, and to start really looking in to the strage creature I saw on that fateful June day.

He looked similar to this.

Here are some normal frogs.

Please do not contact me.

I would love to share my E-mail and talk with people on-line about the Frogman, but I am afraid that if my name,(Dan Purple isnt my real name), is associated with this site that the Government or CIA would come after me because of my knowlage of the Frogman. I have a theory that the Frogman might have ties to them OR they might be trying to hide him, either way, I DONT WANT ANY! Thank you for understanding.


My 2 main theories are this:

1. That the Frogman is a natural being/entity that has always been here on Earth.

2. That the Frogman was created by the U.S.(or international)Government either on purpose or by accident.(Thinking back to the original Frogman story he couldve escaped from a lab in Ohio).

Here is an alleged photo of the Frogman caught on CCTV:

He is out there.

Should people try to capture the Frogman?

Sure, it would be great to capture the Frogman, but we must think about the ecological/authoritative repocussians first. For example, if the Frogman has ties with Mossad, I would be hunted and killed. Also, if he is a natural being the impact on the local ecosphere would probably be drastic, seeing as he is a large predator. So no, I dont think that it would be wise to attempt to capture the Frogman, research into him is far more valueable.(That is if he can even be trapped/killed).

Does the Frogman have psychic capabilities?

The Frogman could have a protective Aura that allows him to escape capture.

It is very possible that the Frogman is a psychic being. He lacks any claws or sharp teeth is known to eat small prey like chickens, perhaps his psychic abilities are what he uses to hunt? And perhaps his ability to stay hidden in plain sight is thanks his phsychic abilities as well. He truly is a fascinating and captivating creature.

The Frogman might be near by.

Normal frogs like to hide under people's houses, to escape the rain, for shelter, and to eat the bugs. Im guessing that the Frogman probably does the same. SO WATCH OUT!

Am I in danger of the Frogman?

Yes, absolutely. We are all in danger of the Frogman, so always be prepared to deal with him.

Where does the Frogman go when it gets cold?

Frogs are cold blooded, so when its winter they have to seek shelter to survive the cold. Frogs hybernate, aquatic frogs usually go to the bottom of a pond and terrestrial frogs seek shelter in rock crevices. From my encounter with the Frogman + others accounts of him, I think its safe to say that hes a terrestrial frog. Like regular terrestrial frogs, the Frogman would seek a rocky crevice, but since hes much bigger hed probably go into a cave. This makes sense, as the area I live in is known for having lots of unexplored caves that have above ground entrances.

Since frogs have their babies as tadpoles, we can speculate that if there are multile Frogmen that they can procreate and their tadpoles could live in cave ponds, and when they get big enough to leave they leave the cave. Maybe Frogman society is cave-based, either way I would avoid certain caves at certain times OR I would reccomend to be heavily armed while cave exploring.

Do you see the Frogman in this picture?

The Frogman has stolen several of my chickens in the past.

As Ive said, the Frogman likes to eat chickens, I know this from experience. On several occasions my chickens have been killed/eaten/stolen under suspiscious circumstances, and I am sure without a doubt it was the Frogman. One of the times I heard what sounded like a person jumping and a loud croaking, and when I went to the chicken coop they were all missing and there were barefoot-3 toed footprints in the mud.

Alleged Video of the Frogman:

He is out there, have YOU seen him?

Could the Frogman be an Alien?

Could the Frogman possibly be an Alien? Maybe he is an experimental gene splice of a human and a frog made by Aliens doing research, or maybe he himself is an Alien whos ship crashed and is now stuck on Earth. If he has psychic powers and is being hunted by the Government then I think that this is a very likely possibility. Or maybe he is a joint project between the Aliens and the U.S. Government.

Has the Frogman already infultrated the Government?

Yes, absolutely. Abso-fucking-lutely he has.

(This site is always under construction as I gather more information about the Frogman and make the site better for you. Thank you for visiting!)

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